Thankful for men like John Lewis.  As he truly exemplified a humble servant leader.  I happen to hold his initials JL.  Which has been an inspiration to run for congressional seat District 5. As for in business over the last 15 years I have gone by my first name last name Sylvester Lee.  The people who are closest to me have always called me Jerome.  So with the passing of JL – John Lewis.  I was called to run under my childhood name JL – Jerome Lee.  

ATLANTA, GA – District 5 – It is a beautiful place to live, worship, work, shop, eat, entertain, and learn. May this area always flourish and represent southern hospitality well.

JL JEROME LEE Congress District 5

It is truly an honor to volunteer my services for my city, for my state, for my country.  I will serve as I wish to see others serve.  As a servant leader it is my duty to teach others to work together while accepting uniqueness.


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VISION of Completeness

From a city that had a “Dream” that one day men would be judged by the content of their character is here.  Now that we are here, we now must make sure that we have a vision of where we want to be in the future.

Leading with a purpose today so the voices of the leaders of tomorrow are heard.