Modest beginnings very grateful..

I was born and raised in Conyers, GA. Currently I work in Atlanta as a Chief Technology Officer for Sturgeon IT Federal Contract.  I went to college at the Georgia Institute of Technology where I graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree.  While at Tech, I joined the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. and played football. I served as a project manager for the Georgia Department of Revenue as well as spent time in the classroom teaching high school and coaching.  I worship in this DISTRICT which is the story of why I am most passionate about this area.    

As a black male in predominantly white high school, I was elected president of my class.  Diplomatic, yes. I was blessed with gifts to lead and deal with racial issues.  Similarly, to today, as I know this DISTRICT will play a large decision in what takes place with some of our most historic landmarks one of which being Stone Mountain.  I can tell you how I personally feel about it and then diplomatically I can tell you how I would handle it.  Personally, as black male, the statues may be removed.  As a Christian, I would lead the way by example and preach forgiveness.  As a Diplomat, I would not bother the national landmark as they too have history in this country.  This would be one of those times to play back what John Lewis said on this issue.  I often have wondered how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have felt about Stone Mountain today.  Why, forgiveness? Well……….that’s what I learned from the Civil Rights movement and its leaders, that freedom would ring, and in forgiveness is true freedom.  This is what Congressman Lewis lived for and the cause that Dr. King died.


Thinking that a lot of racial issues had been solved from high school. I moved on to learn more about my culture and my African self and what that all means to success and development.  I have businesses and relationships in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Morocco, India, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mexico, Turkey and Iran.  I feel that these relationships on a national level could bring peaceful alliances to the USA and these nations some of which are not on favorable terms.  And through relationships in India and the Muslim community have found a peace between Christians and Muslims.

Noticing that this is one of my gifts, I have been recently working with the Black Lives Matter movement to inject self-love into the community as the message.  The Civil Rights movement lives on against injustice.  What I bring to the table is communication within the community for peace against ourselves and the environment.  I have means to bring together many conflicting sides to peaceful resolutions.  Within the homes of DISTRICT 5 to uproot the Lynch chronicles that have been instilled into society as a mentality.  This love shown could see reduction in the negativity that are the reality of statistics. 

Get on the Grind with GRIND MEDIA

I am marketable in that I have worked with Hollywood production teams for over 15 years and can professionally produce a presidential type of campaign efficiency production.  One of my businesses specializes in design and SEO campaigns and through the internet and social network can reach every house in the DISTRICT.  My media company in Atlanta holds a lot of the grass root campaign for the underrepresented population of the city of Atlanta. What gives me confidence to win is that I work and manage multiple teams who will be essential in the success of a campaign in such a short period of time.  

Shooting for the stars.....

My next level goal would be to serve as President of the United States which I wish that Congressman John Lewis would have served also, but he loved DISTRICT 5 and the city of Atlanta so much that he could not leave it behind.  I’d like to carry the torch forward and represent my city, the city of Atlanta.