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Favorable “For” – Wish society was color blind. Content of character.

USA Freedom “Life” “Choice” promotes safe sex, birth control, Reproductive Policy for sex education.

Gun Control with 2nd Amendment Rights. Universal Background Check.

Social Issues and Racial Profiling leads to reformed policing and dispatching correct resources based on incident/calls.  Ending Drug War, Pardoning nonviolent drug offenders.

Proportional to income, Create jobs incentives.

Spend money on social system to help community. Continue to build military, still some of our brightest leaders. 

Preserve the environment.

I like having a strong military that focuses on the basic services in the tradition of service. 

Economy – Greenspan  – (All Trades ie Plumbers, Masons, Carpenter) Innovation Engineering, Technology, Agriculture, Steel Factory, Free Trade, Unified Foreign Economic Policy.

Covid – Health Care – Medicare for all with options.

Covid – Education – Teachers pay increases, Education System K-12, Pre, Und Grad, Grad)

Immigration – Pathway to citizenship.

Prison Reform  – Campaign Zero

Climate Control – Expand Green Energy, Environmental Reform

Cyber Security – 

Labor Reform: Raise Minimum Wage

Freedom of Religion:

New War Powers Act:

Campaign Finance Reform:

Anti-Lobbying Reform:

Constitutional Reform:

Abolish NSA Spying:

Ending Hunger:

Ending Homelessness:

Ending Gerrymandering and Electoral College:

End Debt Limit:

Add LGBT rights to Anti-Discrimination Laws

End Filibuster